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EPA Is Eroding States’ Authority to Protect Waters from Unchecked Development

  • By: Waterkeepers Chesapeake
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By Aaron Zoellick, WKC legal intern. Reposted with permission from Waterkeepers Chesapeake.   You should not dive into a pool before checking if it...

Groups Launch Legal Action to Protect Waterways from Slaughterhouse Pollution

Conservation groups today filed a formal notice of intent to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for failing to update slaughterhouse wastewater...

Spaulding Dam

Yuba River Waterkeeper Fights for Clean Water Act Protections

  • By: Guest Contributor
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By Ashley Overhouse, River Policy Manager at South Yuba River Citizens League In February, Nevada Irrigation District used a recent federal court ruling...

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Stop A Massive Clean Water Act Loophole!

  • By: Larissa Liebmann
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A year ago, we warned that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was considering creating a massive loophole in the Clean Water Act. EPA is now...

LAST CALL! The Clean Water Act Depends on You

UPDATE: The Trump administration denied our request to extend the WOTUS comment period, giving us only 60 days to express our fierce opposition to this...


Willful failure: The Trump administration hits a new low on environmental enforcement

  • By: Paul Gallay
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Written by Paul Gallay, President and Hudson Riverkeeper. Reposted with permission from Riverkeeper.  As New York recommits to clean water, EPA blindly...

Trump’s Executive Order Undermines States’ Rights

President Trump plans today to sign an executive order that attempts to limit states’ role in approving permits required for oil and gas projects under...

Texas Could Prevent Future ITC Fires With Vigorous Enforcement

  • By: Bayou City Waterkeeper
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Written by Bayou City Waterkeeper Executive Director & Waterkeeper Jordan Macha and Legal Director Kristen Schlemmer. Reposted with permission from...

Speak up now to save Clean Water Act protections!

The last chance to comment on a Trump administration proposal that would gut the Clean Water Act is April 15. The proposal, which has no basis in science,...


How the New Trump Rule Would Harm San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay’s watershed stretches from the granite tips of the Sierra Nevada to the Golden Gate, covering almost 60,000 square miles and nearly...

Interactive Map: How Trump Proposal Endangers Rio Grande Basin

A vast sub-basin of the Rio Grande could lose Clean Water Act protections under Trump proposal The headwaters of the Rio Grande, the nation’s third...

Act Now to Protect Oregon’s Iconic Rogue River

  • By: Rogue Riverkeeper
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By Stacey Detwiler, conservation director at Rogue Riverkeeper Southwest Oregon’s Rogue is an iconic river, legendary for its whitewater, rugged wilderness,...

waterkeeper alliance 20th anniversary

20 Years of Clean Water Wins

  • By: Marc Yaggi
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Today, on World Water Day, I can’t help but reflect on the billions of people around the world without access to clean and safe water. But there’s...


The Rio Grande Watershed is at its Ecological Breaking Point. Act to Preserve its Clean Water Act Protection

By Rio Grande Waterkeeper Jen Pelz The Rio Grande, the third longest river in the U.S., begins as snowmelt in the high peaks of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains,...

Clean Water Act Rollbacks Threaten Upper Potomac Watershed

Brent Walls, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, bought a new Hyundai Tucson in 2012, which he mostly uses for work. Since then, he’s put almost 300,000 miles...

20 Years of Water Protection and Counting – Waterkeeper Alliance Targets Clean Water Growth Plan to Protect Waterways Worldwide

Network of clean water advocates protect more than 2.5 million square miles of waterways across globe to ensure clean drinking water and safe water access...


Clean Water Act Rollbacks Further Expose Greater Houston to Flooding

As Houston grows, the city and its suburbs are devouring its wetlands. Building subdivisions on top of wetlands has made the nation’s fourth-largest...


From Lake Coeur d’Alene to the Columbia: A Journey Down the Spokane River

  • By: Spokane Riverkeeper
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By Lee First, Spokane Riverkeeper outreach specialist. Reposted with permission from Adventures NW. Rivers teach us, and I wanted the Spokane River to...


Protect Puget Sound Against Clean Water Act Rollbacks

By Chris Wilke, Puget Soundkeeper & Executive Director The waters of Puget Sound aren’t just my profession, or my passion—they are my life. And...


Stand up for Colorado Waters

By Boulder Waterkeeper Ted Ross Colorado is one of two headwater states in the United States where all the flowing fresh water originates as precipitation....


Defend Missouri’s Maramec Spring Against Clean Water Act Rollbacks

Maramec Spring is the center of a popular Missouri park, with 1,860 acres of forests and fields, and a well-attended annual Kids’ Fishing Day, where...

Statement of Kansas Riverkeeper Dawn Buehler to EPA on Redefining Waters of the U.S.

Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper Rachel Bartels, Kansas Riverkeeper Dawn Buehler, and Lake Worth Waterkeeper Reinaldo Diaz braved icy roads to testify in...

Statement of Lake Worth Waterkeeper Reinaldo Diaz to EPA on Redefining Waters of the U.S.

  • By: Lake Worth Waterkeeper
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Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper Rachel Bartels (left), Kansas Riverkeeper Dawn Buehler, and Lake Worth Waterkeeper Reinaldo Diaz (right) braved icy roads...


Act Now to Save Montana’s Big Hole

The Big Hole is movie beautiful, running 155 miles from headwaters in Southwest Montana’s Beaverhead Range down the verdant Big Hole Valley, tumbling...

We Can’t Afford to Lose the Clean Water Act

  • By: Larissa Liebmann
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In 1972, waterways in the United States were severely polluted and dangerous. Rivers caught on fire, communities were sickened, and wildlife disappeared....

Trump’s Misrepresentation of WOTUS – And Why It Matters

On February 28, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order to begin a series of actions, long sought by industry, that will allow uncontrolled discharges...