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Waterkeeper Alliance has more activists on the water than any other organization in the world, patrolling and protecting 2.69 million square miles of rivers, lakes, and coastal waterways.

Next year is the 20th Anniversary of Waterkeeper Alliance. To celebrate this milestone, we are working to protect an additional 20 million square miles of waterways over the next 20 years—and you can help!

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Waterkeepers: Protectors, Safeguards, Caretakers of Great Lakes Drinking Water

By Grand Traverse Baykeeper Heather Smith The time to fight for clean and healthy Great Lakes drinking water is now. The mighty Great Lakes. The largest freshwater system on the planet. These lakes represent more than one-fifth of the world’s supply of fresh surface water. The Great Lakes are so sweeping, so magnificent in size ...

Clean Water Act: Excuses for Proposed Rollback Don’t Withstand Scrutiny

The Trump administration’s proposals stripping some waterways of Clean Water Act protection have no basis in law or science. Many of the administration’s assertions about the Clean Water Act also have no basis in fact. We weigh some of the administration’s claims, below: Fact: Clean water protections don’t put people out of work. Increased pollution ...

We Say: Drop the “Swampwaters” Classification of the Lower Cape Fear

According to observable facts, the lower Cape Fear River isn’t a swamp. According to North Carolina’s Environmental Management Commission, however, it is. The Commission in 2015 reclassified a 15-mile stretch of the river flowing past Wilmington, from the segment upstream of Toomers Creek to the line across the river between Lilliput Creek and Snows Cut, ...

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