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Aerial Photographs of Flooded Infrastructure in the St. Louis Region

By Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper Rachel Bartels. Republished with permission from Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper Rachel Bartels and volunteer photographers captured aerial photos of the flooded Missouri and Mississippi Rivers in the St. Louis region during three flights taken between May 28, 2019, and June 3, 2019, where they surveyed the extent of the ...

waterkeeper alliance 20th anniversary

How the Clean Water War is Won: Waterkeeper Alliance and Culture Trip Introduce “Waterkeeper Warriors”

The Waterkeeper Warriors campaign features photography of waterways around the world and the Waterkeepers who defend them, with stories voiced by Alec Baldwin, Glenn Close, Larry David, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Lupita Nyong’o, Susan Sarandon and more to educate global citizens on clean water protection Every day, around the world, individuals known as Waterkeepers are ...

3 Projects Making Strides in Human Health and Education

By Georgia Lambrakis, Waterkeeper Alliance intern As we reflect on 20 years of our fight for drinkable, fishable, swimmable water, we celebrate the strides Waterkeepers worldwide have made in human health and education. In India, on the East Kali River, unfiltered industrial and city waste has been polluting the river for decades, causing increasing illness ...

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