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Waterkeeper Warriors

Waterkeeper Warriors showcases 20 Waterkeepers who have fought and won some of the most significant clean water battles of the past 20 years and face the greatest challenges of the future. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Waterkeeper Alliance, our partners at Culture Trip dispatched photographers to locations around the globe to capture the spirit of these Warriors, who are at the heart of a global movement of more than 300 Waterkeeper groups to protect clean drinking water and irreplaceable water sources for nearly a billion people.

We invite you to take in our full Waterkeeper Warriors gallery and listen to their stories here.

Photo by © Stephen Ferry, courtesy of Culture Trip.

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Local Efforts to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in Vietnam

By the Centre for Social Research and Development, parent organization to Huong River Waterkeeper  Plastic pollution in our oceans is a major global problem which needs support and action from international, national, and local communities. Every year, some 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans, which is equivalent to five grocery ...

Hog and Phony Show

By Jefferson Currie II, Lumber Riverkeeper, Winyah Rivers Alliance North Carolina’s Farm Bureau recently led tours of factory swine operations for both lawmakers and bloggers, which was ironic, given how hard the Farm Bureau fought against transparency requirements for those operations.  While the Farm Bureau appears eager to present a sterilized version of these operations ...

Dongting Lake Waterkeeper on patrol during spring fishing ban

Joint Action in China During Spring Fishing Ban

By Dongting Lake Waterkeeper staff, translated by Waterkeepers China Communication Associate Katherine Olson China’s second-largest freshwater lake has a citizen-led group of advocates devoted to it. They patrol Dongting Lake day and night to protect its ecological integrity. This group, the Yueyang East Dongting Ecological Protection Association (YEDEPA), was founded by DaMing He, the Dongting ...

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