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Groups Protest at Annual Dam Industry Conference in Ottawa

By Roberta Benefiel, Grand Riverkeeper Labrador  Indigenous groups and allies denounce cultural genocide and environmental destruction globally and at Canada’s Muskrat Falls dam The message from an international alliance of megadam opponents to delegates to the 87th meeting of the International Coalition on Large Dams (ICOLD) on June 10, 2019 in Ottawa, Canada is clear: ...

Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration Approval of Massive Utah Oil Shale Development

Water-sucking Project Threatens Endangered Species, Climate, Air Quality Conservation groups today sued the Trump administration to challenge what would be the nation’s first commercial-scale oil shale mine and processing facility. The lawsuit says officials failed to protect several endangered species when they approved rights-of-way across public lands to provide utilities to the proposed oil shale development. The massive ...

Saving Salmon: Swedish Baltic Rivers Waterkeeper

By Thomas Johansson, Swedish Baltic Rivers Waterkeeper and executive director of the Baltic Salmon Fund The Baltic Sea coast of Sweden is fed by rivers that have traditionally been home to thriving salmon species. There were originally more than 80 wild salmon and sea trout rivers in the Baltic Sea region, but today, there are ...

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