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Hurricane Dorian Response

Hurricane Dorian made landfall on The Bahamas September 1, leaving devastation in its wake. In the coming days, the lack of water for drinking, bathing, and cooking will become more pervasive adding to stress on those already displaced.

Our Waterkeepers in the Bahamas are already taking action, delivering food, water, and the necessary supplies for residents to begin the process of rebuilding. 

However, there is much more to do, and a sustained effort is required to return to the Bahamas we once knew. Please support these efforts by visiting our donation page and selecting “Hurricane Dorian – Bahamas” from the gift designation dropdown.

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lake near forest

Trump Administration Rolls Back Protections for Millions of Acres of Wetlands, Waterways

The Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency finalized a rule today rolling back protections for millions of acres of wetlands, vernal pools, and other waterways. The rule opens the door for more pollution and toxic waste dumping in rivers, streams, and wetlands across the country without any study of the effects on endangered wildlife. The weakened ...

Uncommon find: headless duck doll

Cleanup Month: Uncommon Finds

Clean up a river and you may well find messages in bottles, a mannequin head or “almost enough parts to make a whole Honda Civic.” Sometimes, the finds are iconic. Dolls, for instance, don’t age well underwater (check out the headless duck doll to the left).  “Some are almost scary,” said Russian Riverkeeper Don McEnhill. ...

sewage pipes draining into waterway

Our Waterways Aren’t Sewers – Let’s Stop Treating Them That Way

For hundreds of years, our waterways were disposal sites for garbage and human waste, leading to devastating impacts on U.S. waters. The Clean Water Act was passed in recognition of the fact that we should not be using our waterways as sewers, but incredibly, primarily due to outdated infrastructure, sewage spills still occur regularly around ...

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