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The Trump administration is implementing its treacherous strategy to eliminate Clean Water Act protections for waters—and communities—across the country.

Please join us in fighting for the heart of the Clean Water Act by filing a comment opposing this rule.

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China NGO Develops First Grassroots-Level Environmental Standards for Chemical Industrial Parks

By Katherine Olson, Waterkeepers China Communication Associate In alliance with various partners such as the Alibaba Foundation, SEE, and the Ford Eco Prize, Green Stone Environmental Protection Center (the parent organization to Lower Yangtze River Waterkeeper) officially launched the “Green Neighbors” program, a set of environmental management assessment standards for petrochemical industrial parks that were ...

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Tell EPA: Keep Mercury Limits Strong

Thanks to air emissions standards created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Clean Air Act in 2011, important progress in reducing mercury pollution in our waterways has been made. But Trump’s EPA is now taking steps to weaken these standards. Please take a stand against this polluter handout by filing a comment ...

North Carolina Waterkeepers Mobilize Communities Against Hog Waste

How can a state manage 9.5 billion gallons of hog waste each year? That’s the question North Carolina has been grappling with for more than 20 years. The state, officially, revisits the question every five years, when it renews the Swine Waste Management System General Permit. This permit governs how waste is managed at all ...

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