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The Trump administration is implementing its treacherous strategy to eliminate Clean Water Act protections for waters—and communities—across the country.

Please join us in fighting for the heart of the Clean Water Act by filing a comment opposing this rule.

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Worsening High Tide Flooding Washes Pollution into Water Bodies

Reposted with permission from Miami Waterkeeper As sea levels rise, high-tide flooding has worsened in many coastal cities on the east coast like Miami. As these flood waters recede, they carry excess toxic pollutants and nutrients into rivers, bays, lakes, and coastal waters. According to NOAA, from the year 2000 to 2017, high tide flooding ...

Report: James Riverkeeper, Partners, Raise Concerns over Threats from Toxic Floodwaters to Vulnerable Communities

Climate change, Toxic Floodwaters (TFW), and communities of color—what do they all have to do with each other? For the James River Watershed: a dismaying intersection, covered in a recent report highlighting the risk of climate-induced Toxic Floodwaters on communities of color in Virginia. TFW refers to flooding caused by storms or climate-related events that ...

Salmon Farming Stopped in Yelcho Lake, Patagonia Chile

Nearly 10 months have passed since the community of Chaitén received an alert that fishing cages had been installed in Yelcho Lake with the purpose of reactivating salmon farming in the area. But this story goes back to the year ’91, a year in which the Chilean Government gave maritime concessions to the Norwegian company ...

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