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Volume 14, Issue 2 (Summer 2018)

Our Lives Cannot be Measured in Megawatts | Crisis in the Sundarbans

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Waterkeeper Calls for Stricter Coal Ash Storage Regulations in the Wake of North Carolina Spills

As the massive coal ash spill at Duke Energy’s L.V. Sutton Power Plant contaminates the still-rising Cape Fear River, Waterkeeper Alliance is calling for more stringent national and state regulations on coal ash, the top source of toxic water pollution in the country. “What concerns me most is that the Cape Fear River is projected ...

Cape Fear Riverkeeper Statement on Sutton Coal Ash Spill

Following a coal ash spill at Duke Energy’s L.V. Sutton Power Plant, Cape Fear Riverkeeper Kemp Burdette assessed the area by motorboat on Friday, Sept. 21 and released the following statement: “Coal ash will be in the floodwaters of downtown Wilmington shortly. The coal ash ponds, Sutton Lake, and the Cape Fear river are now one. ...

In Florence’s Wake, More South Carolina Dams Fail

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has confirmed that eleven dams have failed in the state this week in the wake of Hurricane Florence; bringing the total dam failures in the state to more than 80 in just three years. That number may continue to rise as people return to impacted areas ...

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