What We Do

Waterkeeper Alliance strengthens and grows a global network of grassroots leaders protecting everyone’s right to clean water.

Clean Water Act

In October 2022, the U.S. Clean Water Act turned 50! Learn more about what this landmark environmental law does and how we use it to combat emerging threats to the health of our waterways today and for the next fifty years!

UN Sustainable Development Goals

As change accelerators, Waterkeeper Alliance and its global movement of Waterkeeper groups proactively engage with the UN, UN-Water, rights-holders, and other stakeholders to advance the SDGs.

Invisible. Unbreakable. Unnatural.

We're sounding the alarm on a PFAS pollution emergency in U.S. waters.

Waterkeeper Magazine

The annual Waterkeeper Magazine is no longer in publication but remains a valuable archived resource. Our library of content puts readers on the front lines of the planetary environmental crisis with more than 300 local Waterkeeper groups on six continents who fight to protect clean water and the irreplaceable water sources for nearly a billion people worldwide.