Our Positions

Waterkeeper Alliance position statements address critical issues related to clean water and related environmental issues. Position statements are used to inform our public policy agenda, priorities, advocacy, communications, and all levels of work. The statements also serve to inform our constituency, partners, stakeholders, media, and the public about the prevailing organizational views on key issues.

This does not preclude local Waterkeeper Organizations and Affiliates from having their own local/regional positions that do not fully align with Waterkeeper Alliance national and global positions. Waterkeeper Alliance position statements provide transparency about what the organization represents, which supports clear, consistent, and effective advocacy and communication.

Here's where we stand on:

Clean Water Act
Emerging Contaminants and PFAS
Environmental Justice
Fossil Fuels
Factory Farm Biogas
Hydropower (as clean and/or renewable energy)
Industrial Animal Agriculture
Nutrient Pollution and Harmful Algal Blooms
Waters of the United States
Water Scarcity