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Algal Bloom

Who Is Waterkeeper: Jim Moir, Indian Riverkeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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Jim Moir has been Indian Riverkeeper in Florida since 2022, though the organization has been around since 2000. Jim is technically the fifth Indian Riverkeeper,...

Tell EPA to Protect American Waterways From Slaughterhouse and Rendering Plant Pollution!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced a proposed rule to establish new water pollution control standards for slaughterhouses...

Waterkeepers Meet in Hyannis, Massachusetts for Regional Summit

  • By: María Victoria Díaz-González
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Earlier this month, North Atlantic Waterkeepers gathered in Hyannis, Massachusetts for a long awaited Regional Summit.  The North Atlantic Regional Summit...

Peconic Baykeeper

Who Is Waterkeeper: Pete Topping, Peconic Baykeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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If New York’s Long Island is shaped like a fish, then the Peconic Bay and estuary are the space between the tail fins. The waterbody separates the north...

Upper Missouri Waterkeeper Guy Alsentzer stands in knee deep water in a river with trees in the background.

Who is Waterkeeper: Guy Alsentzer, Upper Missouri Waterkeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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There’s an old expression in Montana: “Whiskey’s for drinking, and water’s for fighting.” Leading that fight as Upper Missouri Waterkeeper is...

A river flows through Big Sky Montana

Wealth Before Health: State Regulators Ignoring Big Sky’s Big Pollution Problem

Wealthy Developers Get Categorical Exclusions; Ignoring Cumulative Impacts Polluting Gallatin River Watershed Originally posted by Upper Missouri Waterkeeper....

Aerial view of Lake Erie.

Lake Erie ignited America’s environmental movement, but still suffers from a new wave of pollution

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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Lake Erie is the shallowest and fishiest of the Great Lakes. Nearly a third of the Great Lakes population resides in the Lake Erie watershed — the lake...

Proposal Filed With Federal Court to Ensure U.S. Army Corps Addresses Harm to Endangered Species From Toxic Lake Okeechobee Discharges

Algal Blooms Triggered by Releases Harm Wildlife, Coastal Communities Conservation groups filed a proposal in federal court today to ensure that the U.S....

A Chilling Message: Keep Away from Water’s Edge

By Brian Fannon, Yadkin Riverkeeper The message from local officials about a pond near Lake Norman last summer was chilling: “Keep away from the water’s...

Florida Officials Urged to Set Standards to Protect People, Wildlife From Harmful Algal Blooms

Nine conservation groups sent a letter today urging Florida officials to set water-quality standards for the harmful toxins in algal blooms. The groups...

Sarasota County Sewage Plant Cow Pen Slough|Sarasota County Sewage Plant Cow Pen Slough

Suncoast Waterkeeper’s “Sick of Sewage” Campaign Resolves Lawsuit Against Sarasota County

  • By: Suncoast Waterkeeper
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Suncoast Waterkeeper, Our Children’s Earth Foundation, and Ecological Rights Foundation are celebrating our third legal victory in the ongoing “Sick...

Lake Worth Lagoon in Everglades

The Everglades’ Forgotten Northern Estuary

  • By: Lake Worth Waterkeeper
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By Reinaldo Diaz, Lake Worth Waterkeeper In South Florida, we have fundamentally reshaped nature. Now our challenge is righting the wrongs of the past....

Lawsuit Launched to Stop Toxic Algae Bloom Releases From Lake Okeechobee

Conservation groups sued three federal agencies today for failing to address harm to Florida’s endangered species from Lake Okeechobee releases containing...


Victory! Court Rules in Favor of Blue Water Baltimore and requires EPA to act on Stormwater Pollution

  • By: Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper
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By Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper Angela Haren. Reposted with permission from Blue Water Baltimore. A federal district court in Maryland ruled last...


Waterkeepers Florida Committed to Protecting Sunshine State Waters

  • By: Julia Widmann
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Written with Jen Lomberk, John S. Quarterman, Lisa Rinaman, and Kelly Cox. Regional entity Waterkeepers Florida came together early February for an in-person...

Tell Congress: Take Action on Deadly Algal Blooms

Red tide off Florida has turned beaches into morgues, as scores of dead fish and rotting corpses of marine mammals litter shores. Please call your Representatives...

Tell Congress: Put a Stop to Toxic Algae | Dive Into Democracy

Our waterways are being smothered and poisoned by toxic, green slime. All around the U.S., runaway algae growth caused by water pollution is threatening...