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For Time Indoors | More Waterkeeper Content!

By: Julia Widmann

Photo by Calum MacAulay/Unsplash

Wondering how you can stay in the fight for clean water from indoors? 

If you can, consider donating to your local Waterkeeper. Nonprofits depend on events and fundraisers for survival, all of which have been canceled to protect guests from COVID-19. They need your support to keep doing what they do best; enforcing environmental rules and advocating for our right to fishable, swimmable, and drinkable water.

Then, while you’re spending time inside, relax with some water and Waterkeeper-themed music and films. Last week we compiled nine great Waterkeeper Documentaries for Time Indoors. This week, we’ve got more content for you:

First, some water-themed playlists:

Ultimate River Playlist

Enjoy this 13+ hour Spotify playlist of songs about rivers while you’re working from home, created by our U.S. Organizing Manager Bart Mihailovich and former Communications Director at Savannah Riverkeeper, Elena Richards.

Waterkeeper songs

This playlist features songs about rivers that Waterkeepers protect, created by U.S. Organizing Manager Bart Mihailovich, former Communications Director at Savannah Riverkeeper, Elena Richards, and Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper Rachel Bartels. 

Second, some more documentaries featuring Waterkeepers:

Congaree Riverkeeper

Title: “Confluence”

Watch here


NY/NJ Baykeeper

Title: Rescuing the River: The Raritan

Watch here


Little River Waterkeeper

Title: Something About Little River

Watch here


Middle Huai River Waterkeeper

Title: The Warriors of Qiugang

Watch here



Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper

Title: Life Below Water

Watch here


Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, Shenandoah Riverkeeper, and Potomac Riverkeeper

Title: Keeping the Potomac

Watch here


St. Johns Riverkeeper

Title: Florida Sportsman Watermen – Blue Cypress Lake and St. John’s River Bass Blitz

Watch here


Miami Waterkeeper

Title: Florida Sportsman Watermen – Magic City Slam with Joe Gonzalez and Peter Miller

Watch here


Apalachicola Riverkeeper

Title: Watermen Documentaries – Apalachicola Water Wars

Watch here


This is part two in a series of music and films from Waterkeepers. View part 1 here.

Hudson Riverkeeper, Los Angeles Waterkeeper, Puget Soundkeeper, Cook Inletkeeper, Willamette Riverkeeper, Neuse Riverkeeper, Hackensack Riverkeeper

Title: The Waterkeepers, With Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Rent for $1.99 on Amazon



Feature image by Calum MacAulay/Unsplash.