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Waterkeeper Alliance, Waterkeeper Groups React to Final COP28 Deal, Call on World Leaders to Support a Proposed Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

In response to the historic climate deal struck at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) today in...

Who Is Waterkeeper: Anna D’Apolito, Lake Atitlán Waterkeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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Lake Atitlán is a historically significant body of water that is also known for its beauty and volcanic activity. It enjoys UNESCO designation and is...

Waterkeepers Meet in Guatamela for Regional Summit

  • By: Waterkeeper Alliance
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With stunning views of volcanoes towering over Lago el Atilan, Waterkeepers from seven countries throughout Latin America gathered at high elevation in...

Tijuana Waterkeeper: Co-creating community science based solutions / / / Tijuana Waterkeeper: Construyendo Soluciones Colectivas Basadas en la Ciencia Comunitaria

  • By: Tijuana Waterkeeper
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The environmental complexity of issues to which waterways are exposed to in Tijuana requires more and better collaboration between stakeholders to co-generate...

Guayllabamba Waterkeeper

Guayllabamba Waterkeeper and the Ancestral Community Practice of Mingas

  • By: Guayllabamba Waterkeeper
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Did you know that for many generations in the indigenous communities of the Ecuadorian highlands, when irrigation water is lacking, everyone is summoned...

Maule Itata Coastkeeper and the Challenges of Water, Food, and Environmental Defense

  • By: Waterkeeper Alliance
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The Nace Project (Conservation R&D) Somewhat forced by the political-social circumstances in our country of Chile, a constituent process rejected in...

Futaleufú Riverkeeper Advocates for Water Reserve Designation

  • By: Waterkeeper Alliance
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This year Futaleufú Riverkeeper celebrated ten years working to protect the Futaleufú River.  It’s been a long journey of ups and downs since we began...

Bahia de Banderas Waterkeeper Takes an Innovative Approach to Litter and Poverty

  • By: Waterkeeper Alliance
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Bahia de Banderas Waterkeeper, an affiliate of Waterkeeper Alliance based in Mexico, has introduced a Trash4Tokens program, which is a Preventative campaign,...

Loreto Coastkeeper

Monitoring Water Quality With Loreto Coastkeeper

Eco-Alianza de Loreto started Loreto Coastkeeper program in 2012 and began analyzing water quality at recreational sites along the coast of the Loreto...

Bocas de Ceniza Waterkeeper and the Tough Path to Environmental Justice in Colombia

  • By: Liliana Patricia Guerrero Ramirez
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The values that inspire us at Bocas de Ceniza Waterkeeper and guide our actions are: justice, peace, equity and respect for Mother Earth (water, soil,...

Estero Salado Waterkeeper

Estero Salado Waterkeeper’s Efforts to Protect Waterway Arrives at COP 27

Estero Salado Waterkeeper’s efforts to protect and restore the waters of the Estero Salado, the main saltwater estuary running through the city of Guayaquil,...

La Paz Waterkeeper Creates Standardized Model for Recording and Analysis of Seawater Quality Monitoring

  • By: Alberto Guillén
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The work of La Paz Waterkeeper protects the health of recreational beach users in the Bay of La Paz, and raises awareness on the issue of water quality....

Protecting Cabo Pulmo’s Coast

  • By: Montserrat Arreola
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Amigos para la Conservación de Cabo Pulmo, A.C. (ACCP) is a community-based organization, created by Cabo Pulmo residents, originally established to care...

Who Is Waterkeeper: Margarita Diaz, Tijuana Waterkeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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Margarita Diaz grew up near the beach and has always had a connection with water. So it makes sense that the first thing she did when she moved to Tijuana...

Beach Cleanups in Cabo Pulmo and La Ribera, Baja California Sur, Mexico

  • By: Montserrat Arreola
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Cabo Pulmo Coast Waterkeeper carried out five beach cleanups from October 2021 to March 2022. On October 23rd, we carried out our first cleanup, after...

The Tough Path to Environmental Justice in Colombia

  • By: Liliana Patricia Guerrero Ramirez
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The values that inspire us and guide our actions are: justice, peace, equity and respect for Mother Earth (water, soil, air, wildlife); which, despite...

Protecting Chile’s South-Central Coast

  • By: Maule Itata Coastkeeper
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Maule Itata Coastkeeper has been a member of Waterkeeper Alliance since 2008. Our watershed is located on the south-central coast of Chile and borders...

Improper Wastewater Treatment in Santa Teresa

  • By: Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper
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By Carolina Chavarría Pozuelo, Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper is based out of Santa Teresa, a small and highly touristic surf...

Celebrating 10 Years of Fighting for the Futaleufú River

  • By: Futaleufú Riverkeeper
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By Lydia Blanchet, Futaleufú Riverkeeper Water Monitoring Program Coordinator A crown jewel of Patagonia, the Futaleufú River flows westward across the...

Mexican Court Urged to Rule for Indigenous Mayan Youth in Constitutional Challenge to Massive Industrial Hog Operation on Yucatán Peninsula

Mexico City, Mexico — Conservation groups, scientists, doctors and public-health experts filed a legal brief today supporting constitutional claims...

Tijuana Waterkeeper Works to Improve Some of the Most Contaminated Beaches in the World But They Need Your Help

Tijuana Waterkeeper, a program of Proyecto Fronterizo de Educación Ambiental, has been around for quite some time. What started as beach cleanups has...

Promoting Life in the Creeks of Ecuador’s Guayllabamba River

By Patricio Chambers, Guayllabamba Waterkeeper The creeks of the Guayllabamba River in Ecuador constitute its “veins” through which small permanent...

Who is Waterkeeper: Alberto Guillén, La Paz Waterkeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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The Bay of La Paz in Baja California, Mexico is a stunningly biodiverse body of water situated within the Gulf of California at the southern end of the...

Motion to Protect Amazon Rivers Approved at the World Conservation Congress in Marseille

By Derecho, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (DAR). Republished with permission. The Members’ Assembly of the International Union for Conservation of...

Public Health Experts, Conservationists Ask Mexico’s Highest Court to Uphold Suspension of 49,000-Hog Industrial Animal Operation in Yucatán Peninsula

Efforts Support Constitutional Claims Raised by Mayan Children MEXICO CITY, Mexico— Conservation groups, scientists, doctors, and public-health experts...

How to run a farm and be a hero at the same time

By Mariana Cassini. Originally published by Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper, reposted with permission. En español a continuación In the Cobano District...

Statement Regarding Attempt to Silence Citizen Advocacy in Chile

  • By: Marc Yaggi
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Marc Yaggi, executive director of Waterkeeper Alliance, released the following statement regarding attempts to silence the voice of the environmental defender...

A Win for the Marañón River? Enel asks Peruvian Government to terminate dam contract

Future of Critical Amazon River Tributary Still in Danger A global energy company with a concession to build a dam on the Marañón River, a major tributary...

A win for the Marañón? Energy company moves to terminate dam contract, but what will the Peruvian government do?

One of the companies with a concession to build a mega dam on the Marañón River, the main hydrological source of the Amazon, has formally asked the Peruvian...

Newly Released Video Shows Tranquil Villages That Would be Flooded if Marañón Dams are Built

Marañón Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance released a video that takes viewers to tranquil villages on the floor of Peru’s remote Marañón Canyon,...