Last Chance for Lighthouse Point

There are plenty of places in The Bahamas where Disney can dock its cruise ships. There is only one Lighthouse Point.

*Photo by Shane Gross, @shanegrossphoto

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Lighthouse Point, at the southernmost tip of the island of Eleuthera, has been treasured by generations of Bahamians and visitors from around the world.

Its limestone cliffs overlooking unspoiled beaches and turquoise waters are unique in the Bahamas. The Point is surrounded by waters containing important geological features and rich biodiversity, including endangered coral, high concentrations of sharks, fish, and other marine life. The surrounding ocean is so biologically important that the area has been formally proposed to the Bahamian government as a Marine Protected Area.

Yet Disney Cruise Lines is pushing ahead with plans for a massive cruise ship port at the point, including a half-mile long pier to be built over valuable reefs and seabed, and bringing up to 20,000 visitors a week. This project poses serious environmental, economic, and cultural threats. This is our last chance to save Lighthouse Point and create a sustainable future for South Eleuthera and the surrounding oceans.

The Last Chance for Lighthouse Point campaign has already gathered more than 250,000 signatures on its petition to Disney to change course and collaborate with our partners and other Bahamian groups on a more sustainable alternative for Lighthouse Point.

Waterkeeper Alliance will be hosting a mission to The Bahamas to experience Lighthouse Point and survey the damage left by Hurricane Dorian and the Equinor oil spill on Grand Bahama. We will be hosting the conference, Disney After Dorian: Lighthouse Point, Climate Change, and the Future of The Bahamas, on Monday, February 3 at 3 pm at The University of Bahamas’ Performing Arts Centre in Nassau.

The free conference will examine Disney’s controversial plans to build a massive cruise ship port at Lighthouse Point and place special emphasis on the future of The Bahamas in the face of climate change. Robert Kennedy, Jr., President of Waterkeeper Alliance and recipient of Time Magazine’s “Hero for the Planet” title, will present a keynote speech.

The "Disney After Dorian" conference is free and open to the public.