Waterkeeper Alliance Global Ambassador Jax Davey Gears Up For Ice Ultramarathon In Effort to Spotlight Clean Water, Climate Threats - Waterkeeper

Waterkeeper Alliance Global Ambassador Jax Davey Gears Up For Ice Ultramarathon In Effort to Spotlight Clean Water, Climate Threats

By: Waterkeeper Alliance

Lake Torneträsk, Swedish Lapland, Photo Credit: Pawel Uchorczak | Shutterstock

Waterkeeper Alliance Global Ambassador Jax Davey is gearing up for an Arctic Ultramarathon in hopes to raise awareness for clean water and environmental issues by spotlighting stories of local communities who are facing threats of climate change and environmental injustice. Requiring immense discipline, strength, and precision, the race is 230 km across Swedish Lapland, the last remaining wilderness in Europe and heartland of the indigenous Sámi people. Runners will experience temperatures as low as -40 degrees and battle across snowfields, Arctic tundra, and frozen lakes. 

As CEO of the purpose-driven creative agency Nuevo and ultrarunner based in Poole, United Kingdom, Jax is an innovative entrepreneur and athlete who pushes creative and physical boundaries to spotlight water, climate, and environmental issues in diverse and rugged landscapes.  

“This challenge is the first of three big tests of endurance that I will be taking on over the next year or so. The idea is to use the platform these projects create to tell inspiring stories from the front line; stories of hope and solutions. The sustainability challenge is falling on deaf ears. It is our jobs as marketers and as creatives to find new ways and new angles to bring them into the spotlight…that’s the only way to influence mass adoption and positive action,” says Jax

Last week, Waterkeeper Alliance launched their new Global Ambassador Program aimed at supporting the organization’s mission to protect the right to clean water in communities around the world. The program kicked off a partnership with two global ambassadors, Jax and Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley, who will use their activist platforms to amplify the stories of Waterkeeper groups and the global water movement’s efforts to patrol and protect more than 2.75 million square miles of rivers, lakes, and coastlines.

“Jax embodies how individuals can bring awareness of and take action to protect our precious water resources. Millions of people around the world lack access to clean, safe drinking water, a fundamental right denied due to pollution, scarcity, and inadequate infrastructure. As he sets out to conquer these endurance tests and raise awareness for the global water crisis, he carries with him the stories of many communities whose members walk miles for a single sip, of children falling ill from contaminated water, of families forced to choose between clean water and other basic necessities. It’s a testament to the human spirit’s ability to endure, to push beyond perceived limits, just as these communities persevere in the face of water injustice,” said Marc Yaggi, CEO of Waterkeeper Alliance

As Jax furthers his dedication to storytelling, Waterkeeper Alliance looks forward to continuing this partnership to promote climate solutions and to amplify the collective work of its global movement of community-based Waterkeeper groups who advocate for clean, healthy, and abundant water for all people and the planet.