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A gas drilling rig for fracking with a sunset in the background.

Objections Target Biden’s Oil Leasing Plan Amid Climate “Code Red”

Conservation groups filed formal objections today to the Biden administration’s plans to offer 734,000 acres of public lands for oil and gas leasing...

Open Letter Calls on Insurers to Cut Ties with Trans Mountain, as Key Pipeline Insurance Policy Expires

Fifteen insurers have ruled out Trans Mountain already; coalition pledges to continue pressuring the remaining companies Today, Indigenous, environmental,...

Waterkeeper Alliance Responds to Dire IPCC Report on Climate Crisis

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released earlier today brings a dire warning: climate change is accelerating and aggressive...

A graphic with Marc Yaggi on the left and " talks with Waterkeeper Alliance" written on the left. Interviews Waterkeeper Alliance about Fighting to Keep Our Water Clean, Safe and Secure

  • By: Guest Contributor
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By Karim Bukhadurov from interviewed Waterkeeper Alliance as part of their ‘ Talks With…’ podcast. This...

lighthouse point bahamas

International, American, and Bahamian Environmental Groups Slam Disney for Stifling Public Debate over Controversial Cruise Ship Port in The Bahamas

Waterkeeper Alliance, Friends of the Earth US, and four Bahamian environmental groups — reEarth, BREEF, Save the Bays, and Waterkeepers Bahamas — expressed...

lighthouse point eia

Deadline Looming for Public Comments on Disney’s Controversial Cruise Port in The Bahamas

The Stop Disney – Last Chance for Lighthouse Point Campaign is urging the public in The Bahamas and across the world to submit comments on Disney’s...

Bahamian Environmental Groups seek an extension of the public consultation process for Disney’s draft EIA for the Lighthouse Point project

On March 26th, the partners of the Stop Disney – Last Chance for Lighthouse Point campaign wrote to the Bahamian Minister of the Environment requesting...

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Sign the petition: Support the Climate Action Plan

We can’t wait another second to address climate change! Climate change is the largest and most imminent global threat facing us today. And yet, Trump...

The people who will save the planet: Waterkeeper Warriors featured on Visionaries

  • By: Tom Quinn
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On the first Earth Day fifty years ago today, April 22, 1970, Pete Seeger sailed the-one-year-old sloop Clearwater to Washington, D.C., with messages of...

5 clean water wins in the New York State Budget

  • By: Hudson Riverkeeper
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Originally published by Riverkeeper. Reposted with permission. By Jeremy Cherson, Legislative Advocacy Manager for Riverkeeper There is good news for clean...

A fire that lit up the world

  • By: Yarra Riverkeeper
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By Andrew Kelly, Yarra Riverkeeper Australia is in the midst of a devastating summer of bushfires, which followed years of record-breaking heat and drought....

lighthouse point bahamas

Scientists Accept Disney Offer to Discuss Concerns about Lighthouse Point and Call for attention to Climate Change and Marine Protected Area

Scientists and experts with extensive experience with Bahamian marine environments have sent a letter to a top Disney official accepting his offer to discuss...

Insure Our Future Campaign Targets Liberty Mutual, Top Fossil Fuel Insurer

Following the release of the 2019 Insurance, Coal, and Climate Change Scorecard, demonstrators visit Liberty Mutual offices in Boston and Seattle Today,...

Latin American Waterkeepers Tackle Climate Change

  • By: Rafaela Iturralde
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Leer en español “Climate change is a clear and dire threat to Latin America and the Caribbean. A threat in which the region has had little or no role...

Sign the petition: Denounce Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

  • By: Waterkeeper Alliance
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Climate change is a global threat and the Trump administration dangerously continues to deny the issue. In 2017, Trump announced he was pulling the United...

Cook Inletkeeper’s Fight Against Climate Change for Wild Alaskan Salmon

  • By: Bart Mihailovich
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Cook Inletkeeper Bob Shavelson has been fighting climate change in Alaska for twenty years. From melting sea ice and receding glaciers to warming salmon...


Waterkeepers Fighting Climate Change: Eight Projects Making a Difference

  • By: Ellen Simon
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U.S. Waterkeepers are fighting climate change by working to protect the areas they love best from rising seas, ocean acidification, and fossil fuel industry...

lighthouse point bahamas

Last Chance for Lighthouse Point campaign announces relaunch six weeks after Hurricane Dorian

  • By: Waterkeeper Alliance
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On July 15, 2019, five leading Bahamian environmental groups — the Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation, Save the Bays, ReEarth, EARTHCARE,...

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Bringing Sampling Equipment — And Moral Support — to the Bahamas, After Dorian

  • By: Ellen Simon
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Christian Breen, Waterkeeper Alliance field investigator, and Pete Nichols, Waterkeeper’s organizing director, spent five days in late September assisting...


Suwannee Riverkeeper Fights to Protect Okefenokee Swamp from Titanium Strip Mine

  • By: Julia Widmann
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Three times last week, Suwannee Riverkeeper John S. Quarterman helped gather locals and organizations across Georgia, north Florida, and beyond to voice...

Oklahoma Floods: A Reminder of How the State Abdicated its Duty to Protect Us

  • By: Grand Riverkeeper
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By Earl Hatley, Grand Riverkeeper at Local Environmental Action Demanded (“LEAD Agency”) Widespread flooding in Oklahoma in late May served as a reminder...


Report: James Riverkeeper, Partners, Raise Concerns over Threats from Toxic Floodwaters to Vulnerable Communities

  • By: Malaika Elias
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Climate change, Toxic Floodwaters (TFW), and communities of color—what do they all have to do with each other? For the James River Watershed: a dismaying...

Worsening High Tide Flooding Washes Pollution into Water Bodies

  • By: Miami Waterkeeper
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Reposted with permission from Miami Waterkeeper As sea levels rise, high-tide flooding has worsened in many coastal cities on the east coast like Miami....

Earth Day: Our Growing Water Crisis and the Water Warriors Fighting it

  • By: Marc Yaggi
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When millions of people flooded the streets 49 years ago for the first Earth Day, they were making a path, a path that thousands of local activists have...

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The Green New Deal: What Does it Mean for Water?

  • By: Marc Yaggi
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By Marc Yaggi and Gabrielle Segal With 2018 being the fourth-hottest year on record, and 18 of the 19 warmest years on record having occurred since 2001,...