Waterkeeper Alliance Launches New Global Ambassador Program, Welcomes US Civil Rights Advocate and UK Social Entrepreneur - Waterkeeper

Waterkeeper Alliance Launches New Global Ambassador Program, Welcomes US Civil Rights Advocate and UK Social Entrepreneur

By: Waterkeeper Alliance

Waterkeeper Alliance has launched a new Global Ambassador Program aimed at advancing the organization’s mission to protect the right to clean water in communities around the world. The program kicks off with two global ambassadors, Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley and Jax Davey, who will use their activist platforms to amplify the stories of Waterkeeper groups and the global water movement’s efforts to patrol and protect more than 2.75 million square miles of rivers, lakes, and coastlines.

“The launch of Waterkeeper Alliance’s Global Ambassador Program signifies a pivotal step towards safeguarding the universal right to clean water,” said Marc Yaggi, CEO, Waterkeeper Alliance. “Through the impactful advocacy of Rev. Dr. Durley and Jax Davey, the program will not only amplify the urgent stories of communities worldwide who are grappling with water-related challenges, but also underscore the vital role individuals play in fostering a global movement dedicated to protecting our precious water resources.”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley has been a leading human and civil rights advocate since the 1960s. As Pastor Emeritus of Providence Missionary Baptist Church, he fuses the disciplines of faith and science to spark meaningful change around water, climate, and the environmental justice movement.

“During the Civil and Human Rights Movement we believed that everyone deserved the constitutional right to vote, equal educational opportunities, equitable access to health care, a fair justice system and economic parity. That same enthusiastic fervor to achieve those rights is applicable today in the environmental movement,” said Rev. Dr. Durley. “If we are to acquire a clean, livable, and toxic-free environment, for all of God’s creation, we must collectively SHOUT with one unified collaborative voice that “This is our time, this is our moment.” WE have NO choice but to save the one planet in which we have been entrusted.”

Rev. Dr. Durley is joined by former British Royal Marines Commando Jax Davey, CEO of the purpose-driven creative agency Nuevo. Jax has found a way to combine his passion for ultra marathons with a mission to transform the advertising industry into a force for good. He is taking on some of the world’s hardest physical challenges to shine a light on how the advertising and marketing community can help solve some of the world’s biggest climate challenges. Nuevo has recruited a creative task force, including some of the industry’s best minds and is currently working with brands who it believes have the power and capability to influence lasting change by not only providing solutions, but also by changing consumer behavior. Based in Poole, United Kingdom, Jax is an innovative entrepreneur and athlete who pushes creative and physical boundaries to spotlight water, climate, and environmental issues in diverse and rugged landscapes.

“Four years ago I became obsessed with the power of emotive storytelling and the positive impact that innovative brand strategy can have, not only on changing behaviors, but also the ability to influence lasting change,” said Jax Davey. “Having grown up by the water, taught watersports for many years, and spent months on ships with the Marines, the protection of the oceans is something I care deeply about. Two years ago I met Marc in New York and ever since have been inspired by the work of Waterkeeper Alliance and its global movement of grassroots Waterkeeper groups. I am proud to take on this role and use what I have learnt to help amplify some of the most powerful stories and solutions.”

This announcement comes in the wake of Waterkeeper Alliance’s participation at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or COP28 UAE, that concluded this week in Dubai. The Alliance and an international delegation, including Waterkeepers Bahamas, Waterkeepers Bangladesh, Bargny Coast Waterkeeper (Sénégal), Hann Baykeeper (Sénégal), and Kissimmee Waterkeeper (Florida), joined other voices in a unified demand for world leaders to commit to a fast, fair, and full phaseout of fossil fuels; support a proposed Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty; take achievable steps to reduce emissions; and invest in climate resiliency and adaptation, particularly in communities at the highest risk of experiencing the most harmful impacts of ongoing climate change.

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