Waterkeeper Alliance Offers New Clean Water Podcast, ‘Equity In Every Drop’ - Waterkeeper

Waterkeeper Alliance Offers New Clean Water Podcast, ‘Equity In Every Drop’

By: Waterkeeper Alliance

To engage new audiences and generate conversations that lead to action, Waterkeeper Alliance has launched a new podcast, Equity In Every Drop. Compelling episodes feature diverse voices and expert insights to bring listeners closer to the global movement for clean water, environmental equity, and environmental justice.

From the crystal-clear waters of The Bahamas to the vibrant landscapes of Sénégal and the environmental battlegrounds throughout the United States, this first series of six monthly episodes illuminates the intersection of water and climate, particularly through the lens of the people and communities who are disproportionately impacted by climate change.

Designed to foster meaningful conversations about critical issues that threaten our waters, listeners will hear about the actions, policies, and solutions we need to promote environmental equity, advance environmental justice, and protect everyone’s right to clean water.

“Equity In Every Drop is more than a podcast, it’s a call to action,” said Marc Yaggi, CEO, Waterkeeper Alliance. “Each month, we’ll discuss the complexities of navigating a world that claims to value human dignity, prosperity, and human aspiration, but doesn’t ensure that everyone has access to something as basic as clean water. We hope the accessibility of this platform will allow us to educate, inspire, and motivate listeners to join our movement for actionable change.”

The podcast kicked off on World Water Day, March 22, with an episode featuring conversations with Yaggi and Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley, an esteemed human, civil, and environmental rights advocate and a Waterkeeper Alliance Global Ambassador.

Their insightful discussion explores the symbiotic relationship between water, the existential crisis of climate change, and environmental justice, illustrating our multifaceted dependence on clean water and the pressing need for its protection.

Whether a seasoned advocate or new to the cause of clean water, listeners are encouraged to subscribe for monthly episodes to listen, learn, and amplify the demand for equity in every drop. New episodes are available here and all major podcast apps.