Las Vegas Water Defender, a Colorado Riverkeeper Affiliate


Richard “Tick” Segerblom
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Las Vegas, Nevada is located within the Colorado River Basin. Long before the intense urban development of Clark County, the valley that hosts the metropolis of Las Vegas was a verdant meadow supported by artisan seeps, springs, and indigenous cultures including the Paiutes and the Western Shoshone. Today, Nevada is the driest of the 50 states (and territories) of the USA. The groundwater reserve of the valley was exploited by the middle of the last century and, consequently, the center of the valley has subsided by about two meters. At present, over two million people live in Clark County and population growth is expected to increase the population to three million by 2050. If drought is severe and persistent, which is the present-day condition, the risk of exhausting the reservoir storage of Lakes Mead and Powell is acute, and the end result would create a major social disruption for Clark County and the other 38 million people who are dependent on the Colorado River. Furthermore, the rising concentrations of endocrine disrupters from effluent, the mobilization of reservoir sediment and rotten organic material, low dissolved oxygen, nutrient loading, temperature increase, and the invasion of non-native species are a threat to the watershed. Las Vegas Water Defender, a Colorado Riverkeeper Affiliate, will join their sponsoring organization Living Rivers to empower a movement to instill a new ethic of achieving ecological restoration, balanced with meeting human needs.

Richard S. "Tick" Segerblom is an attorney and a Democratic politician. First elected to the Nevada Assembly to represent Assembly District 9 in 2006, he was elected to the Nevada State Senate in 2012 to represent Senate District 3. Both districts are in Las Vegas. Segerblom, who grew up next to the Colorado River in Boulder City, is a former river guide and has long held an interest in effective water management. As a former member of the City of Las Vegas planning commission and as a state legislator, Segerblom has advocated for water conservation and environmental protection measures. When he was 16 years old, Tick’s father, Cliff Segerblom, an artist and photographer, was commissioned by the Bureau of Reclamation to join a crew on a river trip through Grand Canyon to navigate and journal their experiences of extreme low water during the initial filling period of Lake Powell. Tick joined the crew and ran the ledgy whitewater of Grand Canyon in a Sportyak II.


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