Qiantang River Waterkeeper


Hao Xin
[email protected]



The Qiantang River is the largest river in southeastern China’s coastal provinces. It provides fresh water directly to 20 million residents living in the watershed, and is the source for major bottled water companies in China. Today, this mother river serving millions of people has become a victim of modern development. A great number of factories, farms, hotels, and villages are located along both sides of the river contributing to water shortage and environmental pollution problems.

Serving as the Executive Director of Green Zhejiang (parent organization of Qiantang River Waterkeeper), Hao Xin and his team have set up seven thematic groups, including green citizen education, eco-experience and green map, climate change, and more. Gradually, the team has developed several branded project activities, for example, in 2013, they developed an interactive map that allows the public to submit data as they discover pollution incidents. In 2015, Mr. Xin was also appointed by Zhejiang Mayor as the folk river administrator of Hangzhou, given him the right and power to protect and restore waterways.


Rm 401, Bldg #2, Dream Town
Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311129