Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper


Jill Jedlicka
[email protected]
(716) 852-7483

Niagara is recognized throughout the world for her majestic beauty at the Falls. Poets and artists, tourists and residents have marveled at her grandeur from the beginning of recorded settlement on the Great Lakes. Linking the United States with Canada, the Niagara River travels 37 miles on her route from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario carrying an average flow of 212,300 cubic feet per second (cfs), 83% of Lake Ontario’s tributary flow. The outlet for our of the five Great Lakes, the Niagara watershed drains approximately 264,000 square miles (684,000 kilometers).

Jill Jedlicka is a native of Western New York and served as Riverkeeper’s Director of Ecological Programs prioir to stepping in as Riverkeeper and Executive Director. She holds a BS in Environmental Studies and a Masters in Business Administration, both from the University at Buffalo. Her extensive background also includes serving as the federally-designated Coordinator of the Buffalo River Remedial Action Plan, as well as five years with the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning.


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