Blackwater Nottoway Riverkeeper


Jeff Turner
[email protected]



The Nottoway and Blackwater Rivers are two small but remarkable rivers located in Southeastern Virginia. They are easily navigable by motor boat from Rt. 671 to the mouth of the Nottoway, which is about 12 miles. The two rivers converge at the Virginia-North Carolina border to form the Chowan River, which is a much larger river. This triage of rivers ends up in the very large and vital Albermarle-Pamlico Sound in North Carolina. A total of 36 counties in northeastern North Carolina and all or part of 19 counties and independent cities in southeastern Virginia compose the watershed.

Blackwater Nottoway Riverkeeper Jeff Turner patrols the Blackwater and Nottoway Rivers. Jeff has over 50 years experience on the two rivers. Jeff can often be found patrolling the river, he's on the water three days a week, and makes evening patrols two nights each week throughout the year, earning him the regional distinction of being the 'Keeper of the Rivers.' Jeff was the first RIVERKEEPER in the state of Virginia and the 47th RIVERKEEPER worldwide. Now there are over 270 RIVERKEEPERS throughout the world.


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