North Carolina
Pure Farms,
Pure Waters

North Carolina is in a statewide crisis of industrial animal waste mismanagement.

Waterkeeper Alliance mobilizes a network of advocates stretching across North Carolina to address the environmental and public health impacts of industrial animal agriculture.

The integration of watershed-specific strategies, informed by local expertise and designed around shared aims, is the key to our success.

Waterkeeper groups work to stop water pollution in North Carolina caused by the concentration, lax regulation, and destructive waste disposal practices of industrial animal operations. They collaborate to:

+ Educate, assist, and engage affected communities
+ Support food production that does not harm water quality, communities, or farmers
+ Document and publicize the negative impacts of waste mismanagement by CAFOs
+ Persuade decision-makers to support, improve, and defend laws governing animal agriculture
+ Conduct strategic legal action to enforce laws designed to protect our waters when necessary

The North Carolina Pure Farms, Pure Waters Campaign employs a strategic blend of public outreach and education, community support, partnership building, regulatory reform, litigation, and field investigation designed to expose and reform industry practices, clean up North Carolina’s waterways and force the state and federal governments to enforce the requirements of the Clean Water Act.  CAFOs pose a threat to communities across North Carolina.  To learn more about these issues in your watershed, contact Waterkeeper Alliance or the local Waterkeeper group in your area:

Cape Fear River Watch
Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation
Dan Riverkeeper
Sound Rivers
White Oak Waterkeeper
Winyah Rivers Foundation
Yadkin Riverkeeper