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Sign the petition: Support the Climate Action Plan

By: Waterkeeper Alliance

Climate change protestors

We can’t wait another second to address climate change!

Climate change is the largest and most imminent global threat facing us today. And yet, Trump continues to deny that climate change even exists while alarmingly and short-sightedly rolling back environmental regulations and climate standards meant to protect us.

Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, rolled back regulations meant to keep water and air clean and safe, is auctioning off public lands to the highest fossil fuel bidder, and, again, completely denied there is any threat of climate change, setting back the national climate mitigation conversation by decades.

This is not an issue that can out-wait Trump. We must act now to address climate change!

Recently, members of Congress unveiled a plan to address climate change that is centered on the frontline, Black, Indigenous and communities of color most impacted by pollution and climate disruption. This plan is an important first step, but if we are to fulfill our promise to these communities we must be more ambitious. The plan has robust support for renewable energy such as wind and solar power, and it addresses environmental contamination that disproportionately harms low-income and minority communities.

The plan, if enacted, would save more than 60,000 American lives every year thanks to reduced air pollution, as well as nearly $8 trillion thanks to health and climate benefits. However, it also includes expansive false solutions like carbon capture and storage that extend our dependence on dangerous fossil fuels, and it fails to embrace bold targets in line with science and our responsibility as the world’s largest historic emitter

Now is the time for aggressive climate action. We must demand Congress enact meaningful and necessary measures to address this global threat.

Sign the petition: We cannot wait! Address climate change NOW.

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