Futaleufú Riverkeeper was founded in 2012 to protect and conserve the Futaleufú watershed and its communities.

Based in the town of Futaleufú, nestled at the confluence of the Futaleufú and Espolón rivers, our team works year-round to fulfill our vision of a Patagonia where rivers flow freely, developers are held accountable for their actions, and people and communities have agency over decisions that will affect their watershed, their homes, and their lives.

Futaleufú Riverkeeper’s work is based on the three main pillars of environmental policymaking and litigation, scientific data collection and monitoring, and community education and empowerment. We monitor the watershed and are alert to emerging threats to water and ecosystem health, then take action to combat these threats through policy work and community initiatives. We provide valuable information that contributes to the strengthening and promotion of public policies that protect the rights of rivers and communities. Following the Riverkeeper model, we place special emphasis on developing legal strategies, prosecuting polluters, and taking strong legal action to put a stop to activities that will harm the Futaleufú watershed.