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Loreto Coastkeeper

Monitoring Water Quality With Loreto Coastkeeper

Eco-Alianza de Loreto started Loreto Coastkeeper program in 2012 and began analyzing water quality at recreational sites along the coast of the Loreto...

Bocas de Ceniza Waterkeeper and the Tough Path to Environmental Justice in Colombia

  • By: Liliana Patricia Guerrero Ramirez
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The values that inspire us at Bocas de Ceniza Waterkeeper and guide our actions are: justice, peace, equity and respect for Mother Earth (water, soil,...

Waterkeepers Chesapeake

Waterkeepers Chesapeake Meet in Pennsylvania for Regional Summit

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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In late October, Waterkeepers from the Chesapeake region gathered at the Capital Retreat Center in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania to convene and learn from one...

Waterkeepers Bahamas logo

Waterkeepers Bahamas: Guarding Against the Oil Industry’s Advances

Waterkeepers Bahamas was established in 2014 to ensure the waters of the Bahamas are safe for swimming, fishing and drinking for future generations of...

COP27: Groups warn of severe climate and human rights risk of new hydropower dams and schemes

Dams and hydropower schemes create major loss and damage, including producing significant amounts of methane, biodiversity loss, and community displacement....

Estero Salado Waterkeeper

Estero Salado Waterkeeper’s Efforts to Protect Waterway Arrives at COP 27

Estero Salado Waterkeeper’s efforts to protect and restore the waters of the Estero Salado, the main saltwater estuary running through the city of Guayaquil,...

Waterkeeper Alliance Responds to EPA Strengthening of Proposed Methane Standards

In response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement that it intends to strengthen its proposed standards to cut methane and other...

EPA Must Use the Clean Water Act to Regulate Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

  • By: Thomas Hynes
  • News

America’s food systems are today dominated by a handful of multinational corporations that employ industrialized methods to produce most of the meat...

Biden Administration Flouts Climate Goals with Inflation Reduction Act’s First Onshore Oil, Gas Lease Sales

The Biden administration is working against U.S. climate goals and failing to protect communities, water and wildlife by auctioning oil and gas leases...

Who Is Waterkeeper: Ted Evgeniadis, Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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The Susquehanna River is the longest river on the east coast of the United States. It runs for nearly 500 miles from Cooperstown, NY through the state...

Hogs in a CAFO by the Federal District Court for Eastern NC.

Op-Ed: We Must Shut Down Factory Farms to Protect Clean Water and Environmental Justice

by Gloria Reuben For years, Americans have been served an image of an idyllic family farmer who is responsible for the food that makes its way to our homes....

Waterkeeper Alliance and Other Groups Petition EPA to Improve Oversight of Water Pollution from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, a nationwide coalition of 51 citizens’ groups and community advocacy, environmental justice, and environmental advocacy...

La Paz Waterkeeper Creates Standardized Model for Recording and Analysis of Seawater Quality Monitoring

  • By: Alberto Guillén
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The work of La Paz Waterkeeper protects the health of recreational beach users in the Bay of La Paz, and raises awareness on the issue of water quality....

Tell Congress to Pass the Clean Water Standards for PFAS Act!

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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A family of dangerous emerging contaminants, PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, poses a serious risk to human health and the wellbeing of our...

Unprecedented Analysis Reveals PFAS Contamination in U.S. Waterways Shows Shocking Levels of Contamination

First-of-its kind study found 83% of the waters tested across the country were contaminated by dangerous PFAS chemicals NEW YORK — Today, Waterkeeper...

Beauty Without Comparison: Protecting Lake George’s Pristine Waters

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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Lake George is rightly referred to as the Queen of American Lakes. Another honorific comes by way of Thomas Jefferson, who in 1791 as Secretary of State,...

Protecting Cabo Pulmo’s Coast

  • By: Montserrat Arreola
  • News

Amigos para la Conservación de Cabo Pulmo, A.C. (ACCP) is a community-based organization, created by Cabo Pulmo residents, originally established to care...

Who Is Waterkeeper: Emily Sutton, Haw Riverkeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
  • News

Emily Sutton didn’t know what being a Waterkeeper entailed until she started working as one. Suffice to say, it was an immediate fit. After graduating...

Conservation Groups Win Major Appeal in Challenge to Expansion of Colorado’s Gross Dam

On Friday, September 30, the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit handed conservation groups — Save the Colorado, The Environmental Group,...

Tell Congress to Reject Manchin’s ‘Dirty Deal’ to Fast-Track Fossil Fuel Projects

In exchange for his vote to help pass the Inflation Reduction Act last month, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has demanded a vote on a second bill...

Legal Agreement Blocks Drilling on 58,000 Acres in Montana, Dakotas Pending New Analysis

Great Falls, MT—Conservation groups and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) yesterday reached a settlement agreement that will prevent new oil and gas...

Who Is Waterkeeper: Damon Mullis, Ogeechee Riverkeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
  • News

Damon Mullis is the Ogeechee Riverkeeper in Georgia. He grew up spending a lot of time hunting, fishing, and recreating outdoors. At Georgia Southern University,...

Tell EPA: It’s Time to Adopt National Numeric Nutrient Limits on Water Pollution

  • By: Thomas Hynes
  • News

American waterways have a major nutrient pollution problem. Uncontrolled discharges of nitrogen and phosphorus are overwhelming waterways with more than...

Waterkeeper Alliance Responds to EPA’s Proposed Designation of Two PFAS Chemicals as ‘Hazardous Substances’

  • By: Waterkeeper Alliance
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Marc Yaggi, Chief Executive Officer of Waterkeeper Alliance, released the following statement: Waterkeeper Alliance applauds EPA’s proposal to classify...

Help The Bahamas Say NO to Offshore Oil Drilling – Once And For All

The Bahamas could send a message to the world – by banning oil drilling now. As Planet Earth spirals toward climate catastrophe, the math is clear:...

Who Is Waterkeeper: Margarita Diaz, Tijuana Waterkeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
  • News

Margarita Diaz grew up near the beach and has always had a connection with water. So it makes sense that the first thing she did when she moved to Tijuana...

Tell EPA to Fully Restore State, Tribal, and Community Rights Under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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The Clean Water Act is the nation’s most effective tool to protect American waterways. An essential component of the Clean Water Act, Section 401, gives...

Conservation Groups Call for Petroleum Policy Improvements, Better Transparency and Full Accounting of Dispersants Used, Following Exuma Spill

In response to the July 20 oil spill on Great Exuma, a coalition of environmental groups lauded the fast response, but called for improved spill prevention...

Support D.C. Statehood!

  • By: Thomas Hynes
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The long overdue Washington, D.C. Admission Act, which passed in the House of Representatives last year, would finally extend Congressional representation...

Who Is Waterkeeper: Laura Reinsborough, Ottawa Riverkeeper

  • By: Thomas Hynes
  • News

The Ottawa River is nearly 800 miles long. For most of its length, it serves as the border between the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The river...