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Dive Into Democracy is Waterkeeper Alliance’s weekly roundup of current attacks on America’s clean water protections and how to take action. Read them here!

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Clean Water Act 3

Celebrating 45 Years of the Clean Water Act

Today marks an important anniversary not only for waterways across the United States, but for the health and wellbeing of all who reside here. On October 18, 1972, the Clean Water Act became law. In light of current threats to the Act, the 45th anniversary of this crucial law provides a unique opportunity to reflect ...


Protecting the Clean Water Act | Dive Into Democracy

The Clean Water Act—celebrating its 45th anniversary this week—is one of the United States’ most influential environmental laws. Prior to this law, there was no uniform, effective way of preventing pollution from entering waterways throughout the country. Waterways were ravaged by the impacts of toxic waste, heavy metals and sewage released from manufacturing, industrial agriculture, ...

Waterkeepers Iraq 2

Swimming 24 Miles for Clean Water in Iraqi Kurdistan

In September, in the midst of major political campaigning in Iraqi Kurdistan for an independence referendum, Waterkeepers Iraq was quietly conducting a swimming expedition to promote clean water. With seven water advocates and a small staff from a local television station on board, three swimmers completed the first ever attempt to swim the entire distance ...

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