Hao Xin

Qiantang River Waterkeeper
Zhejiang, China

Hao Xin is a Waterkeeper Warrior.

Hao Xin was a teenager when he first saw the waters of East China’s Qiantang River… a staggering memory he will never forget.

Factory wastewater flowed directly into the river. Piles of foul-smelling garbage floated by him. And chemicals dyed the water unnatural colors. The pollution was grotesque.

While some might have walked away, Hao Xin took action… and Qiantang River Waterkeeper was born.

He empowered local residents to play a role in protecting their waterway. He worked to establish a fifty-billion-dollar plan to treat contamination, prevent flooding, and conserve water. He lobbied the provincial government to prioritize environmental issues… gaining their trust and helping them see Waterkeeper as a partner, not an enemy.

Today, the Qiantang River flows clearer than it has in decades.

That’s because Hao Xin has created a community of protection around the River… understanding that water is what truly connects us all.

Listen to Hao’s story:

Photographed by © Marc Ressang, courtesy of Culture Trip, with story voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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