Casi Callaway

Mobile Baykeeper
Alabama, United States

Casi Callaway is a Waterkeeper Warrior.

This is Casi Callaway, the Mobile Baykeeper, watching over the bay she has tirelessly protected for more than 20 years.

In 1999, it was Casi who discovered that millions of gallons of raw sewage were spilling into the bay she loved, a clear violation of the Clean Water Act.

So she took action.

As part of Waterkeeper Alliance, she filed Mobile Baykeeper’s first lawsuit for Clean Water Act violations…forcing imperative upgrades to prevent more spills.

But industry keeps churning – and there’s always another threat rolling in.

Remember the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster?

In the aftermath of this catastrophic event, Casi could be found raising a ruckus at Incident Command. In fact, she was kicked out three times.

Why? Because she asked too many questions, shared too much information with the public…

As if sharing environmental injustice with the public is a crime.

But her voice was heard.

Casi recruited hundreds of volunteers for Baykeeper’s restoration plan.

She gave them video cameras, and trained them to patrol the bay mile-by-mile…documenting the effects of the spill, and charting a course to repair.

Today, Mobile Baykeeper is more than double the size it was on day one of Deepwater Horizon, with ten full-time staff and a million dollar budget…

Proof that you can go up against corporate giants…
and win big, for clean water.

Listen to Casi’s story:

Photographed by © Andy Levin, courtesy of Culture Trip, with story voiced by Alec Baldwin

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