Bruno Monteferri

Marañón River Waterkeeper
Provincia de Lima, Perú

Bruno Monteferri is a Waterkeeper Warrior.

The Marañón River is one of the most important water sources in Peru.

It starts in a glacier…high in the peaks of the Andes, then runs along the mountain range for miles before it meets the Ucayali River to form the mighty Amazon.

The upper basin of the Marañón is a world-class white-water rafting destination. Home to pristine beaches, gorgeous views, and beautiful blue-green waters.

It’s also the source of food and transportation for thousands of indigenous peoples and urban communities.

So it needs protection. Marañón River Waterkeeper Bruno Monteferri and his team are leading the fight against dams in the upper section of the river – together with civil society allies and local communities.

Our friends at Culture Trip met Bruno in Lonya Grande to learn more about the challenges facing this river.

Like so many of the waterways that Waterkeeper Alliance protects, the Marañón is threatened by pollution and infrastructure development.

But the biggest challenges the Marañon faces today are a proposal to build 20 mega-dams…and a massive dredging project that would affect the lives of thousands of indigenous peoples.

As an environmental lawyer and storied activist, Bruno is fighting these battles on every level. Working with his allies to be sure his waterway is protected.  So far, no dams have been built. And the dredging project has not been passed.

Because the Marañon Waterkeeper team has one focus – to protect the Marañón River for generations to come.

Listen to Bruno’s story:

Photographed by © Tui Anandi, courtesy of Culture Trip, with story voiced by Cheryl Hines

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