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Marañón Waterkeeper is fighting two planned dams on the Marañón River, which is the primary tributary river to the Amazon. These dams, if built, will stop water on the Marañon from flowing freely; as a result, the Amazon will be cut off from the very water it needs to survive.

I agree that the Amazon River should not be cut off from this essential tributary.

Marañón Waterkeeper’s work in Peru ranges from taking local people rafting so they can see the river they love in a whole new light to supporting expeditions of biologists cataloging the unique life in the Marañón canyon to legal work to ensure the company trying to build the dams follow’s Peru’s laws.

Saving the Amazon is important. To do that, we must make sure its tributaries flow freely.

I stand with Marañón Waterkeeper and its indigenous partners in this important work.