Response to EPA Designation of PFAS Chemicals as Hazardous

Waterkeeper Alliance Responds to EPA’s Proposed Designation of Two PFAS Chemicals as ‘Hazardous Substances’

By: Waterkeeper Alliance

Photo credit our partners at Sweetwater Brewing
Marc Yaggi, Chief Executive Officer of Waterkeeper Alliance, released the following statement:

Waterkeeper Alliance applauds EPA’s proposal to classify PFOA and PFOS, two of the most widespread PFAS chemicals, as ‘hazardous substances’. This decision is important for fast tracking cleanups and finally holding polluters accountable for endangering so many communities. 

PFAS, aka ‘forever chemicals’, can take thousands of years to break down, meaning once they get into the water, people, fish, and animals are exposed to them for a very long time. These colorless, tasteless chemicals end up in our bloodstream and have been linked to a variety of serious adverse health outcomes, including cancer. 

While this proposal from EPA is a great first step, there is still so much more work to be done in identifying and remediating the countless water bodies already contaminated by PFAS. EPA must move quickly and finalize these proposed standards.