Remando Juntos - Waterkeeper

Remando Juntos

By: Benjamin Webb

maranon waterkeeper

Marañón Waterkeeper is paddling to save the source of the Amazon from 20 massive hydro dams.

The strongest movements start with people, whether they hope to stop dams on the Franklin River in Tasmania, remove obsolete dams in the US or save a jungle river in Peru. Law, science and politics all play their part in bringing about change, but passion is essential.

Passion is what we need to stop the twenty dams that are proposed on one of the last free flowing tributaries of the Amazon. If we do not inspire passion within the people of Peru, the river and the Amazon below will be dammed.

What causes people to stand up for rivers? What causes communities to give everything they have? It’s the connection, whether distant or far, that something is too precious to lose. 

Marañón Waterkeeper, Peru
Photo courtesy of Marañón Waterkeeper.

Marañón Waterkeeper is joining forces with Remando Juntos to raise awareness around the 20 dams proposed on the Marañón River, source of the Amazon. In 2015, our team of Peruvian activists and International supporters paddled their way down the Marañón River to shoot footage for our documentary film, take photos and record stories of the residents who will lose everything if these dams are built. We are biologists, engineers, videographers and photographers who were inspired by what we saw and are working hard to save the Marañón. There are now thousands of people in Peru who know about the Marañón that did not before we started. Together we are creating a movement, and we need your help to grow it.

In October 2016 and July 2017 we are running Remando II and Remando III. There are spaces for 8 guests on each trip; these guests will play a direct role in inspiring the next generation of Peruvian environmentalists. For 9 days we will float through one of the most stunning canyons in the world. We will work to protect the Marañón through our Remando Juntos campaign and through everything Marañón Waterkeeper does.

Once you love a place, you have a duty to protect it. We hope you can join us and become one of the leaders of our movement. With your support we can save the Marañón.

We are launching our campaign to raise funds to grow our movement in Peru. Please consider donating to make our programs a reality.

On each of our Remando Juntos journeys we will invite 8 guests and 8 Peruvian activists to join us for what will be an incredible, life changing experience. Apply to join the journey here.