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Get Out the Vote: Mobilize Your Friends

By: Marc Yaggi

You’re likely to be someone who votes in every single election, the type of person campaigns call a super voter. 

Now is the time to recruit your friends and family to become super voters, too. This is where you’re most powerful: No one has as much sway over your friends, family, and neighbors as you do. 

At a time when many voters, especially in swing states, are bombarded with unsolicited texts and calls from strangers, at a time when Presidential, Congressional, and Senate candidates are pumping millions of dollars into a cacophony of television and radio ads and a welter of social media posts, it’s the words of a softball teammate, an aunt, or a Cub Scout leader that may really get someone to fill out their mail-in ballot or go to the polls. 

Make a list of five friends, family, and neighbors you’d like to ask to vote. Ask if they’re registered. If not, this link can help them register in minutes.

If they are registered, let them know there are many easy pathways to voting this year: Early voting, vote-by-mail, and in-person voting on Election Day. They can find out how each works in their state here

“Many nonvoters need just a nudge to motivate them to vote. A personal invitation sometimes makes all the difference,” Donald P. Green and Alan S. Gerber wrote in their book, “Get Out the Vote.”

If some of your friends already are super voters, you can encourage them to pick five friends whom they want to turn out to vote too. They know how important this election is: Now tell them how powerful they are.

You already know how much is at stake in next month’s election. You know that our vote is our voice. This is the year to be bold. This is the year to mobilize your friends, family, and neighbors to vote.