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Call for our Coasts and Climate

By: Larissa Liebmann

offshore drilling oil rig

In early 2018, the Trump administration announced plans to expand the areas open to offshore drilling. These plans would increase drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as open the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and the Arctic Ocean to leasing. Fortunately, right now the administration’s proposal is on hold in response to a recent court ruling – but they could move forward at any time. This is why Congressional efforts to block these plans are so important.

Will you call your Members of Congress today and ask them to support bills that prevent the expansion of offshore drilling? 

Under federal law, the areas offshore from our coasts are required to be managed in a manner that best benefits the public. A massive expansion of offshore drilling will do the exact opposite, lining the pockets of big business at the expense of our marine ecosystems, coastal communities, and climate.

Offshore drilling is dangerous, destructive, and unnecessary. Oil spills have devastating impacts on marine life and coastal economies, and drilling companies have repeatedly demonstrated that they cannot safely and responsibly drill offshore. Just this year, the federal government finally took action on the Taylor Energy oil leak which has been polluting the Gulf of Mexico for over a decade. The risks of offshore drilling are why coastal communities across the nation oppose drilling off their shores. 

The House of Representatives is planning to vote on three bills that would counter the Trump administration’s efforts to sell off our oceans to fossil fuel companies. The bills would ban the federal government from allowing offshore drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (H.R. 1941), as well as protect parts of the Gulf of Mexico (H.R. 205) and parts of the Arctic Ocean (H.R. 1146). These bills are a necessary first step towards protecting our oceans and coasts and halting the exploitation of public resources for fossil fuel interests. 

Please help defend our coasts and climate. Call your Representative today and ask them to support these bills. Here is a script you can use: 

My name is _____ and I live in zip code __________.

I am opposed to expanding offshore drilling because of the risks it poses to our oceans, climate, and coastal economies.

I am calling you to ask you to support bills that would prevent the expansion of offshore drilling. 

In September, there will be a vote on the following bills H.R. 1941, H.R. 205, and H.R. 1146.  Please vote in favor of these bills. 

**Please remember to personalize your call with a reason why you are so concerned about offshore drilling! And if you want to do more, call your Senators and ask that they also take action.