Act now to speak up for nonprofits! - Waterkeeper

Act now to speak up for nonprofits!

By: Marc Yaggi

Waterkeepers haul tires out of streams. We work to ensure toxic coal ash doesn’t flood the rivers near your home. We take school children who’ve never been on a boat, never seen an egret, never met a scientist, out for a day of learning on the water. 

We’re a vital thread in the fabric of your communities.

But, like every other organization with a payroll to make, we’re in a fragile moment. 

And that’s dangerous, because nonprofits aren’t just important to communities — we’re important to the nation’s economic health. Nonprofits contributed $985.4 billion to the U.S. economy in 2015, the most recent year available, accounting for five cents of every dollar of the country’s economy.

As Congress weighs a stimulus package, it’s important that nonprofits like ours, which keep our communities cleaner, safer, and more educated, are included. Please tell Congress to include nonprofits in its stimulus package.