Waterkeepers Bahamas: Who is Waterkeeper Alliance? - Waterkeeper

Waterkeepers Bahamas: Who is Waterkeeper Alliance?

By: Waterkeeper Alliance


Grand Bahama Coastal Waterkeeper boat & Joseph Darville 2

Waterkeepers Bahamas is committed to preserve and protect the Bahamian environment through proactive policy change, education, legal action and advocacy.

It all started with a commitment to preserving and protecting Clifton Bay and other common marine environments surrounding New Providence Island. From a maritime cargo facility proposed in the early 1990s to sprawling residential development proposed in the late 1990s, the Bahamas’ environment is facing a number of critical threats including overfishing, unregulated development, and pollution. There are few environmental regulations and little enforcement of existing laws in The Bahamas due to the size of the nation and the limited resources of law enforcement.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with Bahamians at Waterkeeper Alliance Conference


Rashema T. Ingraham

Rashema T. Ingraham serves as the Executive Director of Waterkeepers Bahamas where she focuses on education and citizen action for clean water use, making frequent presentations to schools, church and youth groups. It was her late grandfather who opened her eyes to the waterworld, taking her into his self-made canoes when she was much younger to catch fish and conch for the night’s enjoyment. She finds peace and tranquility in or near the water, so she spends most of her weekends at the beach with her two children.

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