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Who is Waterkeeper Alliance? Placencia Lagoon Waterkeeper

By: Guest Contributor

First person: Arreini Palacio Morgan, Placencia Lagoon Waterkeeper, Belize
As told to Ellen Simon, staff writer at Waterkeeper Alliance

The Placencia Village, where we work, really is a village; it’s connected with a path, almost like a boardwalk. People here know me now, and they know what I’m doing.

The goal that keeps me going is ensuring that our marine ecosystem remains as pristine as possible. It’s not the big fights — although the big fights are very important — that keep me fueled up. It’s the smile on the face of a child who understands, the “good job” affirmation from a fisherman who used to be opposed to the general idea of our work, the kind words from tour guides who used to have no confidence in our work saying, “I see what you are doing, great job! How can I help?”

The number of developments here has ballooned; there are 14 offshore developments on different cays that have gone up in the last five years, developments that include dredging, removing mangroves, and other activities that will have a negative impact on our marine environment.

Our Department of the Environment isn’t able to monitor each of them. Our work is cut out for us! When I see these things happen, it hurts me and I am disappointed. I want better for the fisherman’s child, for the tour guide’s child. That’s what keeps me going.

We’ve advocated for, and won, a seat on the National Environmental Appraisal Committee, which evaluates environmental impact assessments. As a part of that committee, we’re able to contribute a vote on projects. We’re able to look at projects from a community perspective, see whether something is a fit and raise the alarm if it’s not.

I want our successes and challenges to be known in the nation’s board rooms — and on our boardwalk.

Learn more about Placencia Lagoon Waterkeeper’s work — and how you can help — at www.seabelize.org.


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