Tijuana Waterkeeper was established in 2010 to protect the coastal and riparian ecosystems of the Tijuana Watershed and its communities.

Proyecto Fronterizo de Educación Ambiental was founded in 1991 and established its Tijuana Waterkeeper program in 2010.  Our mission is to protect the integrity of coastal and riparian ecosystems of the Tijuana Watershed by raising awareness through participatory processes and community engagement in environmental management actions.

Tijuana Waterkeeper operates the only water quality testing laboratory in the area. Discharges of untreated sewage and runoff pose an ongoing threat to the marine environment and public health of this binational watershed. We conduct monitoring programs and publish weekly advisories to inform the public when it is safe to swim. To help prevent plastic marine debris, we created the only Certificación program in Latin America for restaurants committed to reducing the use of single-use disposable plastic products. Additionally, we engage in community-led restoration projects to help preserve the environmental health of the Tijuana River Watershed. We also strive to upgrade our water quality testing laboratory to provide indisputable data to protect the community and keep polluters accountable.