Clean and
Safe Energy

Our Clean and Safe Energy campaign focuses on shifting away from our reliance on dirty fossil fuels towards more environmentally sustainable energy sources.

Energy production and use profoundly affects virtually every waterbody in the world.

Whether it’s dirty coal, oil, or fracked gas, our dependence on fossil fuels is driving changes to the earth’s climate that are already affecting our water and our communities. The challenges to our waterways are growing.

Fossil fuel extraction, transport, and combustion are causing devastating impacts to waterways and communities all across the world. They are the leading cause of climate change and ocean acidification. They pollute and consume the water needed for all life to survive.

The Clean and Safe Energy campaign focuses on protecting waterways and communities by stopping the polluting effects of fossil fuel extraction, transportation, and combustion. In order to protect our planet and all living things that depend on clean water for life, 80% of known carbon reserves must stay in the ground. Waterkeeper Alliance fights to keep coal, oil and natural gas in the ground and supports a global economic transition to a no-carbon future that utilizes clean and safe energy.

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