Kona Coast Waterkeeper


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Kona Coast is located on the mid-western coast of Hawai‘i Island, which, in ancient times, was divided into six distinct districts or political jurisdictions – Hilo, Puna, Ka‘ū, Hamākua, Kohala, and Kona. Historically, each district had its own high chief until the time of Kamehameha when he united all the districts and eventually all of the islands of Hawai‘i under one kingdom in 1810. Since U.S. statehood in 1959, the whole island has been managed administratively under Hawaiʻi County, which divides resources between the two most populated sides, the East Side (Hilo), and West Side (Kona). Kona is a center of commerce and tourism, and a mecca for deep water sport fishing tournaments. Although Hawai‘i Island is viewed by many as a tropical paradise, there are a number of significant environmental issues that compromise the integrity of its waters. The island is faced with many complex challenges, including population growth, depletion of groundwater resources, bacteria pollution, inadequate wastewater infrastructure, climate change and sea level rise.   


74-5071 Kumakani Street
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740