Lagos Lagoon Waterkeeper


Felix Abayomi

Lagos Lagoon is situated on the south-western side of Nigeria and shares its name with the capital city of Lagos, the largest city in Africa. The lagoon provides an efficient waterway transportation system, used to move people from one coastal community to another, and to transport timber from the surrounding forests to saw mills in the harbor. Lagos Harbour is Nigeria’s most important sea-port where ships, boats, and barges can offload and take on cargo. Lagos Lagoon is also very rich in plankton, which provides a crucial source of food to a diverse range of aquatic organisms from invertebrates, fin and shellfish, to whales, dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles. Fishing provides a major source of food and livelihood for the people of Lagos Lagoon. However, the Lagoon and its shores are under severe threat from development, sand mining, climate change, and human, plastic, and industrial waste. Lagos Lagoon Waterkeeper targets its education and advocacy actions so that the people can understand the importance of the lagoon and elect to keep their waters free from pollution.

Felix Abayomi is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative (WACI) and leads Lagos Lagoon Waterkeeper as its CEO. Felix holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the Olabisi Onabanjo University and a Masters of Science in Wildlife Management and Conservation of Species in Trade from Universidad De Internacional in Spain. He is a member of the Society for Conservation Biology, International Sea Turtles Conservation and Biology Society, and the USAID – West African Biodiversity and Climate Change Program. Felix is also a trained Expert on the Convention on International Trade of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).


P.O. Box 164, Ibara
Abeokuta, Ogun State