Friends of Humla Karnali, Karnali River Waterkeeper Affiliate


Mahendra Saru
[email protected]


The Humla Karnali is a spring river. It enters Nepal from the Burang district of Tibet,called Taklakot in Nepal, and flows east to join the Mugu Karnali River and then Southeast to join the Karnali River. Remote villages along the river are threatened by the largest hydroelectric dams in the area. Investors from India, China, Germany, Norway, Japan and the United States are all seeking hydropower dam development opportunities within the Karnali watershed. The largest proposed hydropower dam in Nepal on the Upper Karnali will produce 900MW of electricity, but only 12% of that stays in Nepal — the rest is exported to India. The Affiliate is working with Karnali River Waterkeeper to educate local community members about the impacts of dams and advocate to keep the Karnali River pristine and free flowing.

Mahendra Saru is a river guide at Ultimate Descents Nepal and an active member of the Save the Karnali campaign organized by Megh Ale, Karnali River Waterkeeper. Mahendra works to raise awareness and fights for his community’s democratic rights to a safe and prosperous environment. Mahendra is trained in Wilderness First and standard first aid and CPR from American Red Cross Society. He has also worked as a river guide in Japan.