Lake Kyoga Waterkeeper


Godfrey Kitimbo
[email protected]



Lake Kyoga is Uganda’s second largest freshwater lake by area. It was formed as a result of the faulting of the Western Rift Valley and the reversal of the previously east flowing drainage of the River Kafu. Lake Kyoga receives the outflow from the Victoria Nile and drains into Lake Albert. The lake reaches a depth of about 5.7 metres, but most of it is less than 4 metres deep. Areas that are less than 3 metres deep are completely covered by water lilies and much of the swampy shoreline is covered with papyrus and water hyacinth. Lake Kyoga is shared by over 10 Districts and serves a population of over 700,000 people who depend directly and indirectly on the lake. The lake is crucial for water supply for households and agriculture, and provides drinking water, fish for commercial and home consumption and increasingly, sand for construction. Lake Kyoga and its surrounding wetlands are now suffering from degradation of water quality, over harvesting of fish and wetlands destruction caused by poorly planned urban, agricultural, and industrial development. Lake Kyoga Waterkeeper will educate and engage community members to act and advocate for a clean watershed.

Godfrey Kitimbo holds a postgraduate diploma in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Fisheries Management and Aquaculture from Makerere University. Godfrey is a strategic communicator, extension worker and management trainer with experience in facilitation, coordination and mobilization of community and rural development programs. He is a designer of strategic monitoring plans and research protocols, and a specialist in social science, capacity building, capacity assessment, curriculum development, psycho social counselling and action research. He served as a Mayuge District Fisheries Officer from 2010-2013, District Environment Officer from 2008-2010. Godfrey has been the Executive Director of Busoga Volunteers for Community Development since 2010, and is now the Lake Kyoga Waterkeeper.


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