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Lake Worth Waterkeeper’s exclusive jurisdiction encompasses a complex watershed of interconnected natural and manmade water bodies. The Lake Worth Lagoon, the namesake, is a long narrow waterway that runs parallel with the Atlantic shoreline. It was once a freshwater lake, but has since turned to saltwater after a series of inlets were dug, and canals built to connect it to the rest of the Intracoastal Waterway. Like the rest of South Florida, these waterways are intertwined with the Lake Okeechobee/Everglades system. Waterways from Lake Okeechobee lead to many wetlands throughout the jurisdiction, including the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge, considered a northern extent of the Everglades.The Lake Worth Lagoon is home to the local fishing and diving industry, where captains use the inlets to access the Florida Reef Tract. The same threats faced by neighboring Waterkeepers are present: farm and urban runoff pollution, coastal development, poor fisheries management, and laissez faire government policy constantly threaten the watershed and the industry it supports.Lake Worth Waterkeeper will fight to protect its waters, to preserve the beautiful environment that attracts tourists from around the world, and to defend the lifestyle and industry it supports.

As a native Floridian, Reinaldo Diaz was brought up in south Florida’s ocean-centric culture. An avid waterman, Reinaldo seeks any excuse to be out on the water be it fishing, diving, or paddling. These passions lead to his career as a divemaster and guide. Yearning to use these skills to better understand his community and make a difference, Reinaldo studied communication and anthropology, eventually finishing with a law degree. His passion is advocating on behalf of his home, and sharing the unique lifestyle on which he was raised.Reinaldo’s experience with Waterkeeper Alliance began in May 2017 as Executive Director of Calusa Waterkeeper where he planned and implemented a fundraising strategy while diving into the surrounding environmental community. In his free time, Reinaldo can be found searching for wildlife on long backpacking trips, fly fishing, diving, or paddling.


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