Costa Grande Waterkeeper


Manolo Ruiz Ingelmo
[email protected]
+52 5530102354; 01-755-55-31328


Costa Grande, along the Pacific coast of the Mexican State of Guerrero, is home to coastal lagoons, underwater ecosystems, and many beaches of extraordinary beauty. It supports a wealth of natural resources, a variety of forests, and valuable biological diversity.  Costa Grande has great economic potential from tourist offerings and recreational activities. However, this precious coastal ecosystem is under severe threat from plastic trash and marine debris, lack of waste infrastructure, lack of environmental education, and climate change.

Manolo Ruiz is an accomplished communicator, organizer, and advocate fighting to protect his coastal waterways from pollution, especially plastic pollution, and climate change. In 2013, in response to the aftermath of Hurricane Manuel on Costa Grande, Manolo designed and implemented multidisciplinary sustainability projects focused on coastal conservation. He co-founded fit Heel AC, a non-profit organization which is now the sponsor for Costa Grande Waterkeeper.  For over 17 years Manolo has offered courses, workshops and conferences on sustainability issues for business and entrepreneurs. He has also been a journalist for several magazines, a columnist on sustainability, and an author of books. Manolo earned his Hotel Management degree from Universidad Iberoamericana and holds a Master of Environmental Management from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.


Bosque de Avellanos #86
Bosques de las Lomas, México D.F. 11700