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The Columbia River Estuary is a nationally important ecosystem. The Columbia Estuary continues to stand out for its incredibly high habitat values, intact habitats, and high ecosystem productivity. The estuary is the single most important and productive salmon rearing habitat in the lower 48 states. Whether it’s a sockeye salmon born in Red Fish Lake, Idaho, or a wild steelhead born in the remote spawning grounds of the John Day River, virtually every salmon in the Columbia River Basin depends on the estuary as a place to mature before their ocean journey. The Estuary also contains some of the most important wetland habitats on the Pacific Flyway bird migration route and is home to a diversity of terrestrial species such as the ESA-listed Columbian white-tail deer.

CREATE formed to advocate for clean water, a healthy ecosystem, and sustainable communities in the estuary. CREATE will work on the following issues: protecting salmon habitat; community livability and public health; reducing pollution; fighting fossil fuel infrastructure; forestry; and other issues. CREATE’s predecessor groups formed to fight Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal proposed in the Columbia River Estuary. After more than a decade of constant public hearings, rallies, creative protests, legal actions, and media work, local activists prevailed defeated the last of five proposed LNG terminals in 2016. Columbia Riverkeeper partnered worked side by side with CREATE’s predecessors and provided legal and organizing assistance. We seek to sustain and grow this incredible partnership by becoming an affiliate of Columbia Riverkeeper.


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