Alvraddarnas Waterkeeper


Christer Borg
[email protected]

In Sweden, almost eight out of every ten rivers are exploited by hydropower plants, mostly big scale in the north and small scale in the south. Sweden has more than 12 000 dams and more than 2 100 hydro power plants. Of these about 1700 are small scale (<125 kW – 1,5 MW), 187 are middle size (1,5 MW – 10 MW), and 208 are big scale hydro power plants (> 10 MW). Most hydro dams have no systems at all for fish migration, and in many cases downstream from hydropower plants, river beds are currently dry.

Christer Borg, president of Älvräddarna since 2009 and now the Älvräddarnas Waterkeeper, has worked exclusively with hydro power concerns since 2008. Älvräddarna acts as a unified voice for its 53 member associations on rivers throughout Sweden, lobbying at the parliament, meeting with cabinets in government, writing debate articles, hosting lectures, representing at national meetings, and much more. Christer is an expert in biological, electrical (both micro and macro scale knowledge of national electrical grid systems) and jurisdictional issues linked to hydropower operations. Christer, who lives by the river Ångermanälven in the middle of Sweden, spends a considerable amount of his time visiting members on rivers throughout Sweden. Christer is an avid angler and is very passionate about keeping Sweden’s waters fishable.


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