Voice of the Old Brahmaputra River, a Waterkeepers Bangladesh Affiliate


Ibnul Syed
[email protected]



The Old Brahmaputra River was the mighty Brahmaputra River (the tenth largest river by discharge in the world). However, in 1762, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake split the Brahmaputra River into Jamuna and Old Brahmaputra rivers. The Old Brahmaputra is now the main sources of water for Mymensingh district, serving over 5 million people. However, it is threatened by municipal and agricultural waste. 

Mr. Ibnul Syed works for the betterment of mankind. He is a prominent activist in social issues in Mymensingh as well as in Dhaka. His activities include raising awareness about environmental issues and fighting for citizens right to information.  


Char Anondipur, P/O: Char Kharicha Bazar
, Mymensingh