Brantas River Waterkeeper


Daru Setyorini
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The Brantas River Basin is located on the Island of Java, Indonesia and includes nine regencies and five municipalities. The river stems from the Semeru volcanic zone, flowing southeast, west and then northeast to reach Surabaya City, a sprawling metropolitan port city, before discharging into the Madura Strait. The river provides water for drinking, fishing, and tourism, as well as for irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and for industry including iron and steel and pulp and paper. However, most industries discharge their wastewater untreated. Combined with a lack of municipal waste and sanitation systems, the Brantas is one of the most polluted rivers in Asia, with an estimated 85 million pounds of plastic pollution flowing to the sea annually. Still, 98 percent of all drinking water consumed in East Java is sourced from the Brantas and its main tributary, the Surabaya River. More than 4 million people in the basin depend on clean water from four government drinking water companies — that often shut down due to high pollution and inadequate treatment technology.

Daru Setyorini lives in the Brantas River Basin on the island of Java, Indonesia, with her husband Prigi Arisandi, a 2011 Goldman Prize Winner, and their three daughters. In 2000, Daru, Prigi, and friends from the Biology Department of Airlangga University established ECOTON (Ecological Observation and Wetlands Conservation), a non-governmental organization. ECOTON aims to encourage community participation to improve access to information and for justice in river basin management for all citizens in Indonesia. Since its founding, Daru has worked as an activist at ECOTON as Manager of Research and Program Development. Daru holds a PhD in environmental studies; as a biologist, she is interested in water quality research, the health impacts of water pollution, and river habitat restoration to preserve native biodiversity. Daru has a passion for protecting rivers as wetlands ecosystems, and working with women and children to promote sustainable river basin management. Brantas River Waterkeeper, sponsored by ECOTON, will increase advocacy efforts to ensure clean and safe water for people and aquatic life in the basin. 


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