Dongting Lake Waterkeeper


DaMing He
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Dongting Lake watershed is located in south-central China, spread between Hunan and Hubei provinces. As China's second largest freshwater lake, also known as the "kidney of the Yangtze River", the Lake plays an important role in maintaining the ecosystem of the Yangtze River.It is home to the finless porpoises, a freshwater species of porpoise that is exclusively found in Dongting Lake due to limited habitat. The Lake is also the birthplace of Dragon boat racing. 

The Dongting Lake Waterkeeper, Daming He, is the founder and chairman of the Ecological Protection Association of East Dongting Lake in Yueyang City (parent organization). In 2003, after rescuing two wounded finless porpoises, he started to reflect upon his actions as fisherman, and began voluntarily patrol the lake. The parent organization was later registered in 2015, consisting of current and former fishermen. As a team, they started protecting the Dongting Lake.  


Mezishan Yuerong residential area, Yueyang tower district of Yueyang City Hunan Province, China (湖南省岳阳市岳阳楼区么子山岳荣小区)
Yueyang, Hunan