Xingyun Lake Waterkeeper


Dianwu Fang
[email protected]


The Xingyun Lake is a shallow plateau lake of Yunnan Province. Its watershed is one of the cradles that bred brilliant civilizations since 770 BC. Located in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi City, it is linked to the Fuxian Lake of Chengjiang County via the Ge River. As of 2011, there were 234,088 residents living around the lake. The watershed is a relatively developed area in central Yunnan Province supplying water to local industries, agriculture and households. It is currently threatened by household, farm and industrial wastes. 

Dianwu Fang has been working with the Environmental and Biodiversity Law Clinic (EBLC) of Southwest Forestry University to resolve water pollution problems in Xingyun Lake and other major lakes in the province. He holds a Bachelor degree in Foreign Trade for Industry and a Master degree in Electronics and Information Engineering.


300 Bohai Rd, Panlong
Kunming, Yunnan