St. Marys Riverkeeper


Anna Laws
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(404) 909-0667



The St. Marys River is a true gift to all that live within her watershed. A refreshingly clean and pristine blackwater and estuarial river, the St. Marys has no upstream cities for wastewater disposal or surface runoff, no power plants or heavy industry, no agriculture with the exception of silvaculture which requires no fertilizers or pesticides, no development, and little population. Its source is the Okeefenokee (Swamp) National Wild Life Refuge and its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean bordered by Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia, on its North and Amelia Island, Florida, to its South. It is truly a drinkable, fishable and swimmable river resource for all its inhabitants and visitors to enjoy, one of the few such rivers on the East Coast of the USA. The mission of St. Marys Riverkeeper is to preserve and keep it that way and to celebrate its pristine beauty. 

Anna joined the St. Marys Riverkeeper in 2018 as the Water Quality Monitoring and Outreach Coordinator, and in 2019 assumed the role of Riverkeeper. Prior to her work with the Riverkeeper, Anna worked as a fisheries and seabird ecologist for Oregon State University, and worked on human-elephant conflict mitigation in Kenya. In 2016, Anna earned her Masters of Science in Conservation Biology from the Durrell Institute of Conservation Ecology, located in the UK. She performed her research in Borneo, where she studied the habitat characteristics needed to maintain semi-aquatic mammal diversity in riparian buffer zones of oil palm plantations. Anna is a Georgia native, and is excited to return to work in the area that developed her passion for nature and conservation. 


506 Bailey St.
St. Marys, Georgia 31558