Marañón River Waterkeeper


Bruno Monteferri
[email protected]
+(511) 612 4700

The Marañón River is a key part of the globally significant Amazon ecosystem. It's home to hundreds of thousands of people and diverse cultures, many of which rely on it for food and transportation. Portions of the river offer tourists the chance to white-water raft.  The Marañon is under threat from around 20 hydroelectric megadams, various mining operations, as well as local pollution and land and real estate development.

Bruno Monteferri is the Marañón River Waterkeeper.  He is a Peruvian environmental lawyer and activist. For the past ten years, Mr. Monteferri has worked for Marañón River Waterkeeper's parent organization - the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA, its acronym in Spanish).  SPDA seeks to defend the public interest and to contribute to sustainable societies though environmental law and policies. In 2012, Mr. Monteferri travelled around Peru with the idea of building a cultural movement to reconcile  people and nature. As a result, he helped create Conservamos por Naturaleza, a platform that seeks to create a critical mass to push forward policy reforms and collaborative schemes that can make on-the-ground sustainable living a real option, inspire change and reflection, and make people connect with nature. Conservamos por Naturaleza tells stories and promotes collaborative actions.


SPDA Av. Prolongación Arenales 437, San Isidro
Lima, Provincia de Lima 27