Guardians of River Hlynovka, a Vyatka Riverkeeper Affiliate


Dmitry Derunov
[email protected]



River Hlynovka is a river in the Kirov region, Russia. It is the left tributary of the Vyatka River. It flows into the river Vyatka in the city limits of the city of Kirov. The river is 17 kilometers in length and is 17 kilometers wide at low water at the mouth of the river.  It is 6 meters deep in the summer. The Vyatka River is a 1250 kilometer long river in the Kirov Region in Russia. The river’s surface area is 129,000 square kilometers.  Feeding the river is mostly snowmelt. It gets frozen in the first half of November, and the ice breaks up on the river in the second half of April.

Dmitry Derunov (Dima Derunov) will lead Guardians of River Hlynovka, an Affiliate of Vyatka Riverkeeper. Dmitry works as a biologist for the Russian Research Institute of Hunting and Farming.  He has also been a very active member and volunteer with Vyatka Riverkeeper over the past year.


Truda Street, building 71
Kirov City, 610020