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Timmarie Hamill
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The Big Chico Creek watershed is located in a region that includes the interface between the Sierra Nevada Range to the south, and the remnant volcanic flows of the Cascade Range to the north.  Headwaters originate from cold-water springs on Colby Mountain and flow 45 miles to its confluence with the Sacramento River. Watershed elevation ranges from about 120 feet at the mouth to 6000 feet on Colby Mountain. The watershed also encompasses three smaller sub-drainages to the north: Sycamore, Mud and Rock. 

Timmarie Hamill holds a B.S. in Biology, a Secondary Math and Science Teaching Credential, and a Masters in Science Teaching from California State University at Chico.As a biologist, she has planned and conducted water quality inventories as they relate to fish and wildlife in the private and public sectors for over 20 years. She has served as an Industrial Waste Inspector for the City of Chico, Pretreatment Plant Operator for the City of Oroville, HAZMAT biologist for Army Corp. of Engineer base closures, consultant preparing CEQA and NEPA reports, science teacher for a small Charter School, and most recently, project director for watershed assessment, and storm water education grants.


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